Start a Revolution

boy in TV set


Be loving.

Feel lovely.

Make eye contact with strangers.

Plant a garden.

Eat your veggies.

Use real butter.

Wear a two-piece.

Wear nothing.

Leave the lights on.

Tip generously.

Laugh gregariously.

Love ferociously.

Talk to your children like human beings.

Talk to yourself like one.

Use long words

Or don’t speak at all.

Sing, even if you “can’t”.

Look up.

Drink water.

Sit quietly.

Break things.

Make things.

Give things away.

Don’t hold grudges.

Expect people to be kind and honest,

forgive them when they aren’t.

Get uncomfortable.

Ask tough questions.



Ask for what you want.

Be happy when you get it.

Trust your gut.

Be nicer than you need to be.

Be yourself and enjoy

every tasty, twisted, perfect, precious moment.


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