Big World, Little Victories

[Photo by Javier Caceres]


1. Got stuck in rush hour traffic on I-5 ~ NPR reviewed Natalie Merchant’s latest album, talked to “part time farmers” and explained a previously confounding front of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in a way that I could process it. Also, the sun shone and the breeze breezed and people were nice.

2. Finally made myself sit down and make a budget for the next 8 months ~ realized I have enough to go back to school, go on a bit of an adventure, and more than adequately take care of both me and my dog’s health without starving.

3. Spent a sunny afternoon pressure-washing sister’s patio ~ discovered pressure-washing ton be on par with meditative walking, breaking ceramic plates, and petting kittens on the catharsis scale.

4. Had four hours to kill waiting for big sis to get done with her shift at the bar last night ~ made friends with two very different but equally fascinating people, one of whom stayed till close listening to my entire album with me beginning to end and discussing the role of music as both a tool and a vehicle for spiritual communication and creative expression in our lives. Also, I sort of understand experimental jazz now.

5. Addressed huge “To Do”/e-mail list ~ remembered I have a brand spankin’ new playlist from one of my most favorite people to jam out to while I’m sifting through all these numbers and words.

6. Freaking out about the cost of school ~ tuition waivers and scholarship come through within days of one another.

7. Freaking out about not having enough shows booked in the next month ~ get calls from two different people within 48 hours about good prospects on my already established travel route.

8. It’s 65 and sunny.

9. I woke up breathing this morning.

10. I’ve discovered a way to potentially make a living making music while also finishing my undergraduate degree/not losing my mind.

11. I am effectively de-constructing self-defeating mental patterns with habitual meditation, tea-drinking, long and meandering phone calls with people I adore, dog walks, new friends, new songs, big bowls of pho, long hugs, loud music, jet planes and sunshine.


Life is so blindingly beautiful today.



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